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Move Crating

For the Big, Bulky and Bizarre – Our Move Crating Services Have You Covered

Customized Crating Solutions for Secure and Efficient Moves

We see you have some exciting (and tricky!) items to move. Fear not because at Pioneer Logistics, we crate like it’s our fate! Our out-of-the-box move crating services are designed to handle everything from Grandma’s antique piano, your art collection, to that eccentric giraffe statue you just had to have.

Who said moving had to be a dull affair? We bring a dash of excitement, heaps of expertise, and a sprinkle of humor to this seemingly daunting process.

Our dedicated crew, armed with ample training and an infectious spirit of fun, is always ready to tackle your most challenging moving conundrums. Size? Shape? Fragility? Bring it on! There’s no object too big or too bizarre that our custom crating services can’t handle.

We ensure each item’s safety by using high-quality materials for building sturdy crates tailored to fit your most unique possession’s needs. And don’t worry about your items feeling clammed up in their crates – our team handles every object with utmost care and respect it deserves.

move crating


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